About the SDK

SDK - Read First!

Before you begin, please read the important conditions here:

  • SDK provided in this page is strictly for evaluation purpose only. Unless explicitly licensed by Genius Vision, you are not authorized to use our SDK in production environment.
  • SDK is by no means a "matured product". There exists implicit restriction or bugs/issues that are not documented. You need to evaluate if SDK is suitable for your use before applying for usage license.
  • SDK is not supported. Any request regarding SDK is subject to consultant service and requires charging of consultant fee.

SDK Evaluation - Terms & Conditions

  • SDK is not sublicenseable, meaning you cannot give our SDK to others. The only way to obtain SDK materials or SDK usage license is from Genius Vision's explicit permission directly. Unauthorized use of copyrighted material could lead to serious legal implications.
  • This also means you cannot transcript or otherwise copy any materials from this page and materials linked by this page.
  • If you want to refer your vendor with our SDK, you must only provide the URL link to this page. Please don't provide inner (document only) links.

ActiveX-based SDK for Live & Playback

Video Tagging SDK

Video Tagging SDK provides text-overlay-on-video and search indexing capability that can act as a bridge between Genius Vision NVR and POS system, access control, or other similar applications. Below is a demo video illustrating how it works:

For more information about Video Taggin SDK, please refer to: