Example System

Comprehensive guide to build a reliable and powerful IP video system by example.

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Vision & Purpose

Example System is an integrated NVR system inside Genius Vision lab, which spec is open to everyone, in the hope to achieve following purposes. This is an on-going effort and we welcome all kinds of input.

  • A reference design for NVR system
  • Publish a variety of case study and system/equipment integration reviews
  • Long-term testing of NVR software and other equipment
  • System designing education and knowledge sharing by opening detailed technical specification

Updates & Applications

Entrance guarding with SpeedDome and panorama camera

Entrance guarding with SpeedDome and panorama camera

With the flexible and comprehensive Trigger Policy and Motion Detection provided by Genius Vision NVR, wide coverage of a panorama camera and optical detail of a speed dome can be easily combined to guard offices, warehouses, facilities.

Example System Architectural Diagram

System specification