Independent ONVIF Verficiation

The Problem

It's an industry trend that IP cameras are developing toward ONVIF global standardization. However it's a common phenomenon that only a small part of ONVIF functions are implemented by most IP cameras. Users' are frequently frustrated by the fact that expected functions, such as motion detection event, digital input event, relay output control, and PTZ functions, are often not supported. To remedy this, we made an effort to improve the situation by providing (1) ONVIF advanced integration in our NVR software, (2) independent ONVIF verification service, and (3) a tool for instant generation of ONVIF testing report.

ONVIF Advanced Function Integration

We have listed following functions to be included in our NVR software. For software availability, please check out Latest Software below. (1) Motion alarm (2) PTZ (3) Digital input events (4) Relay output events and control

Independent ONVIF Verification Service for IP Camera Manufacturers

We provide service to help IP camera manufacturers to verify the advanced ONVIF functions. The verification is done manually and visually by our experienced experts and engineers, and not programs/tools. Please contact us if you need the service.

NOTE: The previously free ONVIF verification service has ended at Jun 30th, 2015. We still provide paid ONVIF verification service.

ONVIF Instant Testing Report

Our NVR software is equipped with the ability to generate instant testing report of ONVIF advanced functions. The demo version is fully functional and can be obtained free-of-charge at Latest Software below. (Note: the test report does not substitute ONVIF verification.)

ONVIF Camera Matrix

ONVIF advanced functions verification result

Latest Software (v930)

Please note latest software might not be fully tested.

ONVIF Instructions

Instructions to generate instant ONVIF testing report, etc.

ONVIF KB for Cameras

Technical articles of ONVIF verification for various cameras.

Apply for Verification

IP camera manufacturers are eligible to apply for ONVIF verification service.

ONVIF Technical FAQ

ONVIF technical questions answered for non-technicals.

Implementation FAQ

Provides some implementation hints for ONVIF camera developers

Important Disclaimer: Please be advised that Genius Vision is not a member of ONVIF, nor affiliated with ONVIF. We merely provide our expertise to assist vendors and users toward IP video standard development and unification.