Using playback timeline 使用時間列

Overview 概述

A timeline is an integrated tool for both inspecting recorded data and navigating in video playback. The timeline can be configured to show different information of recorded data. User can access the desired data easily based on the information the timeline provides.


Using timeline 使用時間列


Timeline can be enabled in player context menu.



Before timeline can be operated, it must acquire window focus first. To do so, left click on the timeline and a dotted box appeared around the timeline. The user can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out the timeline. The ruler indicates the scale.


Basic operations 基本操作


Drag on the ticks to navigate in the timeline(the cursor changes to four-way arrow before you can do this). Use mouse wheel to zoom in/out. The ticks change automatically depends on the scale. You can also hover on the timeline to see the exact time.



There're four types of ticks. The black thin lines are for seconds. Black thick ones are for minutes. Red thin lines are for hours. Red boxes are for days.



You can also select an interval by mouse dragging in the trackbar area. The interval length will be displayed.



Fast navigation are also available in context menu.


Playback 回放


You can double click on anywhere in trackbar area of the timeline to jump to that time point, or drag the arrow.


Timeline modes 時間列模式

Please Note: Not all editions of software license has this feature enabled. Check with feature matrix for more details.



There are various modes in timeline to display different information. It can be set by right click on the timeline.


Standard 標準

Blue area indicates that there are recorded data. White area means there's no recorded data.


Storage level 錄影資料

Green blocks indicates the storage level of recorded data. This is the average of a fixed timespan, which depends on the scale of the timeline. In this mode, user can calculate storage by selecting an interval.


Activity 活動

The height of the orange block is the counts of activities in a fixed timespan, which depends on the scale of the timeline.


Event 事件

Orange: activity

Green:  recording

Purple: unexpected system off

Gray: normal system off






Counting 計數

The purple bar shows the level of tripwire counting. Results of all tripwires in this channel are summed up, including both directions of every tripwire.


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