Using Online License Authorization


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Online license authorization offers software publisher a more flexible way to sell license and to eliminate additional logistic cost. In NVR system, it even gives the flexibility to license software in per-single-channel basis. Therefore it's more cost-effective to the customers.



In our system, there are two types of license:



It is generally recommended unless situation is required, one should avoid using offline license and choose the online one. Even if offline scenario is required, one should start from using online license. After a period of stable running, one can always convert online license directly to offline ones through the process of committing.



To generate effective license (called authorization code, or auth. code), one need two elements



In online environment, the request code is transparent (invisible) to users. You only need to input purchase code in the GUI to get authorized.  However, in some special environment, where Internet access is not possible, we also offer an offline way to activate license. In this scenario, you must generate a request file (which contains encrypted request code), copy it to a portable storage device, and bring it to a computer where Internet access is available. You then connect to a vendor-provided URL ( ) to upload the request file, and enter purchase code. The web-page will then generate authorization code in a file. This auth. code is generated specific for the computer on which the program generated the provided request file. It will not work on other computers. You need to copy this auth. code file back to the target computer and then import it. Please note, however, license activated in this manner implies it's an offline license and therefore cannot be transferred to another computer.



In addition to the types of license, there are some attributes associated with a specific license. Depending on actual business terms, a license might have a number of following properties:


Bring up License Manager

叫出授權管理員(License Manager)

There are two ways to bring up license manager, one is at setup screen. At one stage of the setup, you will be given choice to run license manager or not after installation. The checkbox is default to checked, if it's the first time you install the program.

有兩種方式可以叫出授權管理員,一個方式是在安裝程式執行時,勾選Run License Manager(如下圖,若您是第一次安裝程式,則該方塊預設是勾選的):


The second option to bring up license manager is after you installed the program, you can right-click on the NVR organizer. In this alternative, however, you must note following:

第二個方式是在程式安裝完畢後,在右下角的tray icon(稱 NVR organizer)按滑鼠右鍵。用這方式啟動時,您必須注意以下事項:

License Manager - Install package online

授權管理員 - 安裝線上授權

The fastest and most convenient way to install package is through "Install package online" option. You will need unrestricted access to the Internet to use this option. Please note however, using this option means you will need Internet even in normal operation, as License Manager will check in the background periodically for license validation. (see Concepts.)

這是安裝授權最快速方便的方式,但您必須具有無限制的上網存取。請注意,選擇此種方式時,您必須隨時具有上網存取,錄影程式才能正常執行,因錄影程式必須定期檢查授權的合法性。(參見 概念.) 


After clicking "Next", following screen will appear. You need to enter purchase code, package, and desired quantity. Please note the desired quantity must not exceed the remaining purchased quantity. If you check the "Commit to current computer" box, this will became an offline license (unless the licensing terms doesn't allow that). You can always convert an online license to an offline one later.

當按下"Next"後,如下畫面便會出現。您必須輸入購買號,以及您想授權在該電腦的版本及頻道數,您總共要求安裝(包含過去已經安裝過)的頻道數不能超過您所購買的產品及頻道數,否則授權便會失敗。若您勾選"Commit to current computer",則該次授權便會直接轉成離線授權,若是您的購買號不允許離線授權,該操作便會失敗,這個轉換不一定要在安裝的時候選擇,您在未來任何時間都可以作這個轉換, 

Package Types


There are 3 types of packages, when selecting license to install:



The prices for different packages are different. Please note however, you cannot mix installing "std" and "pro" packages on the same computer. If you do so, "std" packages will be hidden and disabled, becoming useless. On the other hand, you can mix "pro" and "ipr" packages freely on the same computer.


Managing Installed License


To manage installed license, select the indicated item:



Following screen will appear:


License status授權狀態

Authorized packages已授權產品數


Below explains license status:



If you want to commit a online license to current computer, right-click on that license and bring up a context menu. Select "Commit..." to perform the commit operation. You'll need Internet connection to perform this operation.