Best 64-bit NVR Free

Unleash the power of 64-bit architecture with Best NVR for free: NVR + CMS + IVS + 360°, Community Edition

  • Non-commercial use only. No registration required.
  • Extendable through the Patreon platform.

Version: 960, Size: 14MB

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  • Remote video monitoring and recording.
  • Turn your webcam, mobile phone, and your home PC to a full-fledged IP/CCTV system.
  • Support multiple brands of IP cameras.

News Update


Genius Vision VMS is a powerful enterprise-grade IP/CCTV video management platform. Community Edition is now provided as a free software only for non-commercial use.

A handy and comprehensive utility worth having when you want to turn your computer, mobile phone or any other device to a remote video surveillance system

Author avatarSoftpedia

"Excellent NVR System". Genius Vision is an excellent product in my option. The system is easy to setup and configuration of cameras and storage is very good....

Author avatarkreimund

"Very effective solution for a non-profit" Very easy to setup and configure, but with all the features of a you'd expect in an NVR. Support is very quick to respond ...

Author avatarrrhodesatwhc

"Quality Bytes!" In one word, awesome! Nice piece of software. Fantastic video managing tool. Very functional when you get the hang of it....

Author avatarYackly_DoO

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